Continuing Care


Our practice places great emphasis on preventive dentistry.

Continuing preventive care is carried out by both the dentist and the dental hygienist.

Many problems are preventable using simple procedures. Patients benefit enormously by following a preventive approach to their dental care. This approach avoids or minimising dental problems resulting in less dental treatment and less financial costs throughout life.

Regular visits and a preventive approach to dental health results in good oral health as well as good general health.


We encourage patients to participate in our recall system.
We remind our patients to return for regular best website to order generic viagra preventive check-ups to maintain optimal oral health and prevent or minimize future problems from occurring.

At the last visit for any dental treatment our office will make a tentative appointment for you, usually six months in advance, with the Dental Hygienist. During all subsequent recall visits with the Hygienist’s, Dr Deutsch will carry out a periodic examination and oral cancer screen.

As a courtesy, our staff will remind you by phone a week before your appointment. This appointment can be rescheduled if the time is inconvenient.