We welcome new patients and endeavour to make your visits a positive experience.



Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment to record your medical and dental history.  Bring a written list of  your medicines if you take a lot of medication.  A further specific questionnaire needs to be completed if seeking treatment for sleep apnoea and snoring.

Alternatively, we can mail our forms to you  for you to complete at home and take with you to your first appointment.

All information is strictly confidential and private. Patient records are available on request.

Treatment needs and your expectations

Treatment is always tailored to your needs, expectations and   your  financial circumstances. 

Most patients with minor problems require only a short half hour appointment.

New patients with complex problems usually require a one hour appointment  for their initial examination. We especially set this amount of time aside to discuss all issues relevant to your treatment. At this appointment we will complete a thorough examination, discuss your expectations and treatment options.  

In very complex cases, a number of extended long consultations may be required before committing to treatment.