Treatment Planning


All treatment is explained and a written treatment plan is given showing the approximate  costs and the likely number of appointments.

Complex cases may need follow up appointments after all X-rays, impressions and records have been reviewed.  There is no charge for follow up appointments should they be required.

Very complex problems may occasionally require a team approach  involving consultations and opinions with other dental specialists.

In many cases we will discuss a number of treatment options to help patients decide on the treatment plan that is right for you.

Occasionally treatment plans may have be modified buy isotretinoin cheap online midway through treatment due to unforeseen complications. Should this be necessary an alternate treatment plan will be decided by both the patient and myself.

All dentistry, but especially complex dental treatment requires optimal oral hygiene. Good dentistry will fall apart if oral hygiene is poor.

Less complex treatment options may be offered if a patient can not look after their own mouth.  In some cases treatment can not commence if the patient’s oral hygiene is poor and where they cannot control their gum disease or decay.