Cement on Crowns

Implants Crowns can be either Cement On or Screw Retained

Cement On Implant Crowns

Individual crowns and bridgework placed onto implants are often cemented onto the abutments using a semi permanent cement to allow the option to remove the crowns for maintenance in the future. 

Cement on crowns are more aesthetic
No access hole for screws are required
Porcelain on chewing surfaces is less prone to chipping
Feels like natural teeth with smoother surface for the tongue run along

May dislodge and have to be re-cement with a permanent cement.
May not be easily removed if the crown or bridge needs to be adjusted or removed for maintenance.
May have higher laboratory fees.

Case Study 1
Oscar was left with only three functioning front teeth to support his upper denture. The three remaining teeth were insufficient to hold his denture in place and his dentures were very unstable. Oscar’s options were to either remove his remaining teeth and make a full upper denture or consider implants. Oscar did not want to wear a full upper denture and wished to keep his three remaining front teeth.

Treatment for the Upper Left Side:
Five missing teeth were restored with baldness four implant fixtures in the upper left side supporting five porcelain veneered cement on crowns.

Treatment on  for the Upper Right Side:
Three missing teeth were restored using two implant fixtures in the premolar region supporting three porcelain cement on veneered crowns.


Laboratory photo: Upper arch restored using six implants supporting eight crowns

Laboratory photo: Upper arch restored using six implants supporting eight crowns

Case Study 2
Simon Simon had no back teeth in his lower right molar region.

The premolar and canine teeth were too weak to support a conventional bridge. A decision was made to remove these teeth and restore all missing teeth with implants.

Two implants were placed in the lower premolar and canine positions and one implant was placed further back in the second molar position.

A total of four missing teeth were restored using three implant fixtures supporting four porcelain veneered cement on crowns with a pontic (false crown) bridging the missing teeth.

Laboratory photo: Three implants supporting four crowns

Laboratory photo: Three implants supporting four crowns

Case Study 3
Cement on implant bridge

Two implants placed to replace three missing teeth

After: palatal view