Chairside Comfort + Sterilisation

What happens at the chair side

All clinical areas and equipment are maintained to the highest of standards.

Our three treatment rooms are spacious, comfortable and designed to make you feel at ease with have modern dental units and equipment.

We endeavour to make patients visits more enjoyable by having a selection of DVD’s and travel photos available for viewing on computer ceiling monitors positioned direcly above the dental chair while you are having treatment.

Spring St. Surgery 013
Spring St. Surgery 050

Spring St. Surgery 005

Sterilisation Procedures
All re-usable equipment is sterilised following strict sterilising procedures.
All clinical equipment is hand scrubbed, placed into an ultrasonic machine filled with a special disinfection solution, inspected, individually bagged, steam autoclaved and tracked. Spore cultures and other tests are routinely performed to ensure the autoclaves are working correctly. The autoclave is tested and serviced twice yearly by a certified insomnia and ambien technician to ensure that it works to Australian standards.

Autocalve and part of sterilising area

Autoclave and part of sterilising area

Ceiling TV Monitors

We understand the importance of understanding your dental problems and treatment. To help explain these issues we have installed overhead computer monitors above the dental chairs for patients to routinely see their own intra-oral, extra oral photographs, their computer charting, x-rays and educational material.

Patients have the option to view videos and powerpoint travelogue slide presentations as a distraction while lying in the chair.

Examples of Power Point Travelogues from different parts of the world are shown below:

Picture5 p3 2 Viet girls Sapa-1
Picture6 p3 Sapa Hmong Portrait woman-1

Our practice offers two types of inhalation sedation for patients who feel they need some help to enjoy the experience of being in a dental chair.

Our staff are trained to use either:-
Nitrous Oxide Sedation or
Penthrox Inhalation Sedation